2016 Prayer Month of May

Prayer Month of May for CCA!

I believe all our best efforts are for nothing if we do them apart from God. This month, let us acknowledge the One who give us ALL good things and ask Him to work mightily in the lives of the young and old who will come to CCA this year.  Below is a guide you can use to pray for the camp this month.  I would encourage you to pray on your own, with the person next to you, and in your churches.  Let us all come humbly before the Giver of all things good.  Thank You! -Phil

Week 1: Deans, counselors, worship leaders, and all camp staff, hired and volunteer – For their work to be fruitful and blessed. That they would have eyes to see God working all around them.

Week 2: Campers – For Christ to work powerfully in their lives.  For the chains of sin to be broken.  For boldness and courage to live like Jesus.

Week 3: Leaders – For vision and wisdom in shaping the future of camp.  For guidance in using the time of those who work at camp well.  To see strengths in others and delegate responsibilities well.

Week 4: A prayer of thanksgiving for all that God has done and will do through the ministry of CCA.