2017 SWAT Registration

What is SWAT? SWAT stands for Serving, Working, And Training. SWAT is a team of junior workers who primarily clean the bathrooms, work in the kitchen, and do odd jobs during our camp sessions.  They have a lead adult who is in charge of making sure they are on schedule.  SWAT is a coveted work position because you get to stay at camp for free and be with your friends while getting a sense of accomplishment from a good day’s work and acquiring a strong work ethic.

We have done some tweaking to how SWAT works this year to try and make it even better for everyone.  Most things have stayed the same, but I will spell out the application process below for all those who are interested.

  1. Registration will be online only, and applications will be accepted beginning January 1st, 2017 up until the start of an event (if there are still openings).  Here is a link to the application.
  2. As always, it is a privilege to work on SWAT, and not everyone who applies should assume automatic acceptance.
  3. There is a work week this year June 19-25 that SWAT applicants are highly encouraged to attend for SWAT training and to help get the camp in shape.
  4. We will consider all these things (but not necessarily in this order) when deciding on who to accept as SWAT: order of applications received, pastoral reference, work ethic from previous years worked (if applicable), and attendance at the work week. We also take into account possible burnout from too many days working and being a camper in a row.
  5. You may apply for First Chance Camp July 6-8, Elementary Week July 8-15, Intermediate Week July 15-22, Senior Week July 22-29, and VOE Week July 29-August 5.
  6. Lastly, if accepted, each SWAT member gets $5 to the canteen per week served. Anything more should be purchased at the camp desk during registration.