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2017 Apparel

This year you can order and pay for you apparel online and we will have it ready for you at camp.  There will be extra items you can buy directly out of the canteen, but to guarantee we will have your size in stock, please order online before June 19th! If you need to have your item mailed to you, please email the camp with your name, items ordered, and address.  Shipping is extra.

2017 Winter Retreat

2017 Winter Retreat

Register  *  Poster

Theme: Engage – Impacting a hostile world

Dean: Alejandro Gonzalez

When: January 13th at 5pm-January 15th at 11am

Who: 8th-12th graders

Cost: $90 covers lodging, food, and snow tubing. $100 if you don’t pre-register online by January 10th. Bring your payment to camp either way. Canteen extra.

All staff are required to Register.

Bring: Bible, extra bedding, extra socks, warm layers, boots, hat, gloves, attire for snow tubing.

Register  *  Poster

2017 SWAT Registration

What is SWAT? SWAT stands for Serving, Working, And Training. SWAT is a team of junior workers who primarily clean the bathrooms, work in the kitchen, and do odd jobs during our camp sessions.  They have a lead adult who is in charge of making sure they are on schedule.  SWAT is a coveted work position because you get to stay at camp for free and be with your friends while getting a sense of accomplishment from a good day’s work and acquiring a strong work ethic.

We have done some tweaking to how SWAT works this year to try and make it even better for everyone.  Most things have stayed the same, but I will spell out the application process below for all those who are interested.

  1. Registration will be online only, and applications will be accepted beginning January 1st, 2017 up until the start of an event (if there are still openings).  Here is a link to the application.
  2. As always, it is a privilege to work on SWAT, and not everyone who applies should assume automatic acceptance.
  3. There is a work week this year June 19-25 that SWAT applicants are highly encouraged to attend for SWAT training and to help get the camp in shape.
  4. We will consider all these things (but not necessarily in this order) when deciding on who to accept as SWAT: order of applications received, pastoral reference, work ethic from previous years worked (if applicable), and attendance at the work week. We also take into account possible burnout from too many days working and being a camper in a row.
  5. You may apply for First Chance Camp July 6-8, Elementary Week July 8-15, Intermediate Week July 15-22, Senior Week July 22-29, and VOE Week July 29-August 5.
  6. Lastly, if accepted, each SWAT member gets $5 to the canteen per week served. Anything more should be purchased at the camp desk during registration.

2016 Brochure Mailing

Bring one first time friend for free

for our fifty-fifth anniversary!

Any returning camper may bring one friend to their week of camp free of charge (First Chance, Elementary, Intermediate or Senior) in celebration of CCA’s 55th anniversary!

The free friend discount value is for the early camp registration of $255. After June 30th, a $20 fee applies. Friends should use the coupon code “Friend” when registering online. One free first time camper friend per returning camper. Canteen is extra.

2016 Brochure P1

2016 Brochure

2016 Fundraisers Letter

2016 Woodland Letter

2016 Calendars

We have ordered calendars for 2016! They have all our pre-planned events on them and are full of pictures relating to camp.

Please consider a donation of $20 to the camp for one of these beautiful calendars.  You can email with your name, address, church (optional) and how many calendars you want.  You may send money through PayPal to the same email, or you can mail your check to our PO Box listed in our contact information. Be sure to include a short note with the information requested above.

Or if you attend Nesconset see Yvette; Holbrook see Nicole; Maspeth see Annmarie; Taconic see Ben; South Nassau see Paul; and Woodland see Philip.

2016 Calendar Cover

Cellphone Q&A

Phones at camp: a Q&A

Question: Are cellphones allowed at camp, and if not, why?

Answer: We do not allow cellphones at camp for any camper attending an event that is for people 18 and younger. This has been the rule for many years, since the time electronics have been small enough to bring to camp. Older camp rules specifically mentioned no boom boxes! Recently, smartphones have become more prevalent among the younger generation. With apps that keep people connected, entertained, and give a sense of security, it has become more challenging to enforce this rule. The camp board has discussed the cellphone rule several times and has carefully weighed the pros and cons. The biggest reason for not allowing them is because they distract from the main purpose of camp. The strength of camp that rings true every time is relationships. Most people love camp because it strengthens one more of these three basic relationships: our relationship with God’s creation (nature), our relationship with people, and our relationship with Jesus. It has been observed that using a smartphone can mimic a deeper relationship and therefore cause us to miss real-life deeper relationship opportunities right in front of us. A secondary reason is camp security. While it is easy to make the argument that campers are safer with cellphones because of connectivity, there are also some less obvious points which have led us to believe our campers are safer without their smartphone while in the closed environment of camp. Because campers are never left unsupervised, we are able to effectively and immediately handle situations that arise. In addition to counselors, the nurse and camp director are always available 24/7. This system is many times more effective than using a phone to contact parents, friends back home, or fellow campers that are much more limited in their ability to provide immediate care. The nurse or manager will always contact the parent when something is in question. Also, because of the nature of smartphones and their ability to connect with the world, this potentially allows one ill-intentioned camper to cause undue damage to other campers. In conclusion, we have decided that campers are safer while at camp without their cellphones and more effectively connected to God and friends with no electronic device for the short time at camp.

Question: What is your policy on handling cellphones?

Answer: At registration, we will ask campers if they possess a cellphone or other electronic device. We prefer that the parent takes possession of any device at this time, otherwise we will lock it in a safe place until the last scheduled event on the day of camper pickup. We are not responsible for theft, but we will do our best to protect from it. In the event a camper wishes to contact their parents or workplace, they may ask to use the camp phone which will be made available to them, or they may use their phone for such cases at the discretion of the manager. In addition, if devices or chargers are visible during the camp session, they must be turned over. We will not perform random searches of camper belongings. A camper that refuses to comply may be sent home as is the case with any camp rule.

Question: How can campers take pictures if they can’t have their phones?

Answer: Digital cameras that do not connect to internet are allowed. Film cameras are also allowed, such as the disposable kind. Disposable cameras may be purchased at the canteen when available. In addition, we take a group photo and print a copy for every camper for every week of camp, and also take photos throughout the week and post them to the camp website.

Still have a question? Contact us here and we will be glad to answer you.

Summer Camp News!

2015 Camp Poster v2

A reminder that we have two work weekends just before the start of camp, June 19-20 and June 26-28.  The former is a special weekend for planting and baking, in addition to other work projects.  If you are skilled in any of the building trades, we will use your expertise!  General labor is needed, as well!  There will be something to do for anyone who is willing to work.  Among other things, expect to process firewood, dig, and do grounds work, fine carpentry work, and cleaning.  Email for more details and to let us know if you will be attending.

If you will be attending Elementary Week as a camper, our dean Vicki is requesting you bring a white T-shirt that can be painted on during a special game!

We would like to announce that for the FIRST TIME EVER, we are going to allow COLLEGE FRESHMAN to return as campers for SENIOR WEEK. We are calling it “CCA GRADUATES.” While you will still be campers, there will be a higher responsibility expected of you to be a LEADER to the other campers and assist your counselors when needed. We are very excited to have you all back this year and we are expecting a great turn out!

To all our campers, please REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR BIBLES! The Bible app does not count in this instance because, as most of you already know, you will be required to leave your phone with your parent or check it in at registration. If you don’t have a Bible, that’s okay, we will hook you up!  You may want to bring a snap camera as well; we will sell these in the canteen, but do not rely on this, as supplies are limited.  In addition, there will be a staff member dedicated to taking pictures.  So have no fear! High quality digital pictures will be available so you can use them to blow up your social media when you get home!

Please send your forms in as soon as you can to help us plan for your week of camp.  Also, don’t forget there is a price increase after June 9th.

View our full calendar by clicking here!

Click here to obtain a registration form!

Does your church have a camp flyer on its bulletin board? Print one off of our forms tab!

Looking forward to seeing you this summer!!!

2015 Spring Work Retreat

Spring Work Retreat!


CCA is excited to announce the Spring Work Retreat. This retreat an awesome opportunity to spend a weekend serving and working for God.

Cost: $25 per person. This covers lodging, all meals while at the camp, and all activities.

Who: The spring retreat is for students in 7th – 12th grades.  We are also looking for some adults to lead work projects!

What: We will spend the weekend getting the camp ready for the upcoming summer season, plus we will enjoy lots of camp fun, including crazy camp games, worship in the chapel, and campfire.

Bring: Usual stuff that you would bring to camp, including clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. Oh yeah, don’t forget your pillow and sleeping bag or bed sheets and blankets. Be ready for cool temperatures at night.

When: May 15 – 17. The retreat begins with dinner on Friday, May 15th at 7:00pm and ends at 11:00am on Sunday, May 17th.

Please send in your registration form ASAP, and if you have any questions, please contact or 265-299-3611.

2015 Spring Retreat Flyer


Please return registration and payment to:
Catskill Christian Assembly
P.O. Box 1131
Madison, CT 06443

2015 Calendar

This year one of our alumni has made a calendar with camp photos and important camp dates on it.  A package of calendars was sent to each of the supporting churches with a suggested donation of $20 per calendar.  The demand for calendars turned out to be much greater than expected, and requests for more calendars have been made.  So now you get another chance to get a 2015 camp calendar!

2015 Calendar Image

How to order your calendar!

Email with the following information: First and Last Name, mailing address, church name (optional) and how many calendars you would like.  Write “2015 Calendar” in subject title of email.

Orders must be emailed by Februrary 14th!

Calendars will be mailed directly to the mailing address given or delivered to your home church for distribution there.  We will do our best to get the calendars to you by March, but some delays may be out of our control.

A suggested donation of $20 can be given separately through Paypal or mailed by check (see donate tab) to cover the cost of the calendar and shipping.