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2017 SWAT Registration

What is SWAT? SWAT stands for Serving, Working, And Training. SWAT is a team of junior workers who primarily clean the bathrooms, work in the kitchen, and do odd jobs during our camp sessions.  They have a lead adult who is in charge of making sure they are on schedule.  SWAT is a coveted work position because you get to stay at camp for free and be with your friends while getting a sense of accomplishment from a good day’s work and acquiring a strong work ethic.

We have done some tweaking to how SWAT works this year to try and make it even better for everyone.  Most things have stayed the same, but I will spell out the application process below for all those who are interested.

  1. Registration will be online only, and applications will be accepted beginning January 1st, 2017 up until the start of an event (if there are still openings).  Here is a link to the application.
  2. As always, it is a privilege to work on SWAT, and not everyone who applies should assume automatic acceptance.
  3. There is a work week this year June 19-25 that SWAT applicants are highly encouraged to attend for SWAT training and to help get the camp in shape.
  4. We will consider all these things (but not necessarily in this order) when deciding on who to accept as SWAT: order of applications received, pastoral reference, work ethic from previous years worked (if applicable), and attendance at the work week. We also take into account possible burnout from too many days working and being a camper in a row.
  5. You may apply for First Chance Camp July 6-8, Elementary Week July 8-15, Intermediate Week July 15-22, Senior Week July 22-29, and VOE Week July 29-August 5.
  6. Lastly, if accepted, each SWAT member gets $5 to the canteen per week served. Anything more should be purchased at the camp desk during registration.

Summer Camp News!

2015 Camp Poster v2

A reminder that we have two work weekends just before the start of camp, June 19-20 and June 26-28.  The former is a special weekend for planting and baking, in addition to other work projects.  If you are skilled in any of the building trades, we will use your expertise!  General labor is needed, as well!  There will be something to do for anyone who is willing to work.  Among other things, expect to process firewood, dig, and do grounds work, fine carpentry work, and cleaning.  Email for more details and to let us know if you will be attending.

If you will be attending Elementary Week as a camper, our dean Vicki is requesting you bring a white T-shirt that can be painted on during a special game!

We would like to announce that for the FIRST TIME EVER, we are going to allow COLLEGE FRESHMAN to return as campers for SENIOR WEEK. We are calling it “CCA GRADUATES.” While you will still be campers, there will be a higher responsibility expected of you to be a LEADER to the other campers and assist your counselors when needed. We are very excited to have you all back this year and we are expecting a great turn out!

To all our campers, please REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR BIBLES! The Bible app does not count in this instance because, as most of you already know, you will be required to leave your phone with your parent or check it in at registration. If you don’t have a Bible, that’s okay, we will hook you up!  You may want to bring a snap camera as well; we will sell these in the canteen, but do not rely on this, as supplies are limited.  In addition, there will be a staff member dedicated to taking pictures.  So have no fear! High quality digital pictures will be available so you can use them to blow up your social media when you get home!

Please send your forms in as soon as you can to help us plan for your week of camp.  Also, don’t forget there is a price increase after June 9th.

View our full calendar by clicking here!

Click here to obtain a registration form!

Does your church have a camp flyer on its bulletin board? Print one off of our forms tab!

Looking forward to seeing you this summer!!!

2015 Spring Work Retreat

Spring Work Retreat!


CCA is excited to announce the Spring Work Retreat. This retreat an awesome opportunity to spend a weekend serving and working for God.

Cost: $25 per person. This covers lodging, all meals while at the camp, and all activities.

Who: The spring retreat is for students in 7th – 12th grades.  We are also looking for some adults to lead work projects!

What: We will spend the weekend getting the camp ready for the upcoming summer season, plus we will enjoy lots of camp fun, including crazy camp games, worship in the chapel, and campfire.

Bring: Usual stuff that you would bring to camp, including clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. Oh yeah, don’t forget your pillow and sleeping bag or bed sheets and blankets. Be ready for cool temperatures at night.

When: May 15 – 17. The retreat begins with dinner on Friday, May 15th at 7:00pm and ends at 11:00am on Sunday, May 17th.

Please send in your registration form ASAP, and if you have any questions, please contact or 265-299-3611.

2015 Spring Retreat Flyer


Please return registration and payment to:
Catskill Christian Assembly
P.O. Box 1131
Madison, CT 06443

2013 Season Kickoff

I am excited to announce that Ben Bloom will be our Camp Director for the 2013 season.  Ben is a teacher at Peekskill Middle School, was our Director in 2012, and serves as secretary on the camp board.  He fills his roles well and is well loved by everyone.  I know you can’t wait to see Ben again or meet him for the first time.  The best way to do that is to go to our calendar and note the dates for your week of camp.  Forms for the 2013 season will be made available with plenty of time to register early.

Also note that we have scheduled work weekends in advance for this year.  Last year our volunteers, led by the building committee, sided the main house and almost finished siding the main building.  Early this spring, we plan on finishing the siding and then stripping and re-roofing three roofs on our campus.  Look for more detailed information to be posted on this.  We would be glad to have your help on the roof, ground or with our building fund during this process.  Oh, and don’t forget the bake weekends!

Keep the 2013 camp season in your prayers as we move forward.

Work Weekend April 12-14 Recap

This past work weekend was well attended, with 17 people from 3 of our supporting churches!  Some of the work projects include: turning on the water to the camp, turning on the gas to the camp, installing a new radiator and performing an oil change on the camp truck, installing 7 new windows and 1 door on the main house, continuing progress on the main house siding, pre-cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms and some other areas of the camp.  Thank you to all who attended!

Yes, you interpreted this correctly.  You can now take a hot shower again at CCA!  This is good news because it was getting a little funky.

Work Weekend April 12-14

We are having another work weekend April 12-14 (during Easter break for most schools). We hope to have the water turned on if all goes according to plan and we have the help that we need. The main focus will be on the main house, continuing with the siding and possibly starting some drywall patchwork inside. If you’d like to go up to clean or do yardwork, that would be helpful, as well. We are hoping to have a large showing! Please email if you are planning to come.

Work Weekend #2 recap

We had another work weekend this past weekend 3/24/12.  You can see the progress in the picture above.  What you can’t see is in the back where we had to detach the deck in order to replace the rotten 2×8 girder behind it.  All the rot is removed, and next work weekend we will replace the girder and install metal flashing before installing a new ledger board that we can re-attach the deck to.  You also don’t see the seven windows on the second floor that we believe to be original to the house and are in need of being replaced before the siding goes up.  These windows are in the process of being ordered as you read this.  We are putting forth our best effort to make this siding last a long time!

Work Weekend, March 16-17 Recap

The work weekend went well. Josh, Eli, and Kevin ripped a good part of the shingles off on Friday in the rain. Saturday was sunny and warm, and with 9 people total we finished cleaning all the nails off the plywood, took the majority of the waste to the dump, and finished installing the Green Guard house wrap under truck headlights! We also had two different roofing companies come on Saturday to look at the roof and give us a quote on a metal roof.  So far this is the only area of the house remodel that we are considering contracting out.  Sunday we were back in church!

While removing the old shingles, we realized the 2nd floor windows were in worse shape then we thought. They are not easy to use, screens are missing, but the deciding factor to replace them was rotten wood and some carpenter ant destruction. We want to do a quality lasting job, so we will be pricing seven new windows that will accept the vinyl siding seamlessly for a nice clean look and good waterproof design.

Please consider giving to the building fund. We have purchased the vinyl siding for the house at a cost of $4,000. We are using our general fund to get a jump start on building and take advantage of the nice weather but without more donations the house remodel may be put on hold.

Work Weekend, March 16-17

March 16-17 is our “Main House Building Project Kickoff!” The building committee is preparing to remove the wood shingles on the main house and put house wrap on in preparation for vinyl siding. If you would like to come and help please email so we can prepare for your help and give you details about sanitary provisions (i.e., no running water).

Don’t forget you can also be part of this project with your gift of any size and it will be matched up to $7,000.00! See our donate page for more details.